film showcase

We are partnering with WaterBear, the first video-on-demand platform dedicated to the future of our planet, to present a COP26 showcase of selected WaterBear titles with resilience in mind. 

the films

Watch the short trailers below or select a film then click through to register and view the full films at Waterbear‘s websiteWe are also screening additional films as part of the COP Resilience Hub virtual programme of events and activities so register to receive programme updates.

Shade Grown Coffee


Themes: Social equity, agriculture

Film length: 1:15:00

An Eye For Detail


Themes: Personal resilience and well-being, art, nature/wildlife photography

Film length: 6:05

Mother of the Sea


Themes: Culture/heritage, oceans

Film length: 8:02

Africa's Hidden Seaforest

South Africa

Themes: Oceans, personal resilience/wellbeing

Film length: 10:50

Kenya's Wild Warriors


Themes: Nature/biodiversity

Film length: 4:49

Europe's Secret Eden: Polesia

Eastern Europe

Themes: Water supply

Film length: 4:56

Sumatra's Forest Guardian


Themes: Deforestation

Film length: 4:41

The Queen of Ecuador's Canopy


Themes: Nature/biodiversity, forest conservaton

Film length: 4:59

The Anti-Poaching Dog Squad

South Africa

Themes: Biodiversity, Conservation, Life on Land, Wildlife, Wildlife Conservation

Film length: 5:13

Building Europe's Yellowstone


Themes: Deforestation, local solutions (eco tourism)

Film length: 5:38

The Last Bears of Italy


Themes: Animals and people peacefully co-existing

Film length: 6:14

Queen of the Mantas


Themes: Oceans, biodiversity

Film length: 5:08

About Waterbear

Not so long ago, a group of passionate people got together to use storytelling as a tool to make a difference.

That team created WaterBear, the first interactive streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet. From climate action, to biodiversity, sustainability, community, diversity and more, WaterBear provides access to award-winning and inspirational content that empowers members to dive deeper, learn more and take action.

WaterBear champions documentaries, locally-told stories, NGO campaigns, on-the-ground grassroot outreach, volunteering, eco-travel, sustainable products and much more.