A physical and virtual Hub at COP26 and the home of Race to Resilience

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Our vision

Led by global non-state actors from business, investors, civil society, academia, cities and regions, the Resilience Hub will provide an unforgettable immersion into the urgency for action while mobilizing ambition to deliver a resilient world for all, as never before experienced at any COP.

We will start in Glasgow and won’t stop until the job gets done.

Resilience Hub is the home of Race to Resilience at COP26. The Hub’s programme is framed around the three pillars of Race to Resilience, and many of our partners are supporting and/or taking part in the Race to Resilience.





Action on adaptation and resilience has been behind action on mitigation. Yet action on both is essential to deliver a 1.5-degree resilient world and prepare for decades of worsening climate impacts. This is why increased action on adaptation is a priority for the UN Secretary General and why the COP26 Presidency has an explicit goal on adaptation.

While previous COPs have seen an increase in focus on resilience and adaptation it has been spread across different initiatives, spaces and events inside and outside the COP. Adaptation and resilience was “everywhere but nowhere” without a focal point.

The Resilience Hub is designed to meet this challenge. Its central purpose is to advance action on adaptation and resilience at COP26 and beyond, and to help provide a strong collective voice on resilience for all those globally who are working to build a more resilient world.