The Resilience Hub @ COP26

“We’re delighted that the Resilience Hub has been a real success here and we hope that it goes from strength to strength to draw more attention and direct more resources to resilience solutions”

Nigel Topping, High Level Champion for Climate Action at COP26

COP26 Resilience Hub Synthesis Report

Key messages and future directions

A Focal Point

The Resilience Hub at COP26 was the first ever permanent home for resilience at a COP. While previous COPs have seen an increase in focus on resilience and adaptation it has been spread across different initiatives, spaces and events inside and outside the COP. Adaptation and resilience was “everywhere but nowhere” without a focal point.

In Glasgow, the Resilience Hub acted as a public platform for the newly formed Race to Resilience and provided a unique convening, learning, and connecting platform for actors across the full spectrum of resilience and adaptation landscape. 

It advanced action and commitments on adaptation, and helped provide a strong collective voice on resilience for all – those who were at COP physically and those who were able to participate for the first time ever.

In numbers

in-person hybrid hubs
regional virtual hubs
separate events, organised by 80 partners
participating organisations
physical visitors to the Blue Zone location
0 +
website visitors
live stream viewers
virtual platform participants
0 +

…and over 3000 cups served of the “best coffee at COP26”


Catch up on the COP26 Coppocino series which served up daily doses of insight from resilience taking part in COP26.

Event videos

Watch full videos recorded at 2021’s events, both in Glasgow at COP26 and around the world at our regional, virtual hubs.