The Resilience Hub @ COP28

“The Resilience Hub is a fantastic space at COP28 where civil society and specifically women, youth, local and indigenous communities can showcase their solutions for a climate healthy and adaptive world. I’m looking forward to showcasing the achievements and promises of the Race to Resilience at COP28 in partnership with the Hub.”

— Razan Al Mubarak, UN Climate Change High-Level Champion of the United Arab Emirates, COP28

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Hundreds of diverse voices and perspectives from around the world​

Catch Up

Watch highlights from events at the Hub.

Art Corner

In 2023, different artists created illustrations, murals, music and digital art at the COP28 Resilience Hub.


Pictures from the Resilience Hub at COP28.

The COP28 Resilience Hub Synthesis Report

The report synthesises the main messages from the COP28 Resilience Hub and aims to help set the direction for future action towards COP29 and beyond.

It has been created with key takeaways given by the session leads of the 70 sessions which took place at the Resilience Hub, in addition to the over 10,000 global participants who took part in-person and online.

The report first provides an overview of the key adaptation and resilience decisions and announcements that took place during COP28; it then offers concluding remarks on next steps towards COP29 and beyond.

Key messages

Four cross-cutting messages emerged from sessions hosted at the COP28 Resilience Hub:

  1. There is an increase in innovative approaches in finance for resilience; however, scaling approaches requires reforms of the wider climate finance architecture.
  2. Equity and justice must be at the heart of any successful partnerships for resilience.
  3. The intersection of health, climate, and resilience highlight the need for preparedness, gender-specific and socio-cultural considerations.
  4.  Increases in conflict and violence present significant challenges for adaptation and resilience and pose the risk of reversing significant development gains.

Besides summarising the key overarching messages, the synthesis report presents findings and insights from four Regional Hubs and from the 9 themes explored in the Resilience Hub during COP28. 

The Regional Resilience Hubs took place in the lead up to COP28 to ensure that best practices on resilience and perspectives of those most susceptible to and affected by climate change are amplified and increasingly drive the agenda at COP.


Missed a session at the Resilience Hub and want to learn more? All sessions are available to re-watch on the Resilience Hub YouTube channel.