Regional Hubs

In 2022, a series of Regional Resilience Hubs will take place in the lead up to COP27 to ensure that best practices on resilience and perspectives of those most susceptible to and affected by climate change are amplified and increasingly drive the agenda at COP.

In 2022, virtual and physical Resilience Hubs will take place in: 

The Regional Resilience Hubs are built by coalitions of local actors who design their programming and decide on the thematic tracks of the Hub. Learn more here.

The Regional Resilience Hubs serve to: 

  • Connect and create collaborations between regional actors
  • Build the capacity of local actors to engage internationally. 
  • Inform the Race to Resilience campaign and the High-Level Champions on regional perspectives and best practise 
  • Create powerful stories of solutions and locally-led action to build understanding of resilience and inform non-state actor led initiatives like the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action 
  • Highlight scalable and investor-ready projects