London Climate Action Week


A Whole-of-Society Approach to Building Resilient, Equitable Communities

Hosted by Bentley Systems, 6-8 Bishopsgate, London
Tuesday 25 June | 09:30–13:00 GMT +1

 In-person attendance is limited. A livestream will be available online starting at 10am GMT+1.

event Overview

  • 09:30–10:00
    Arrival tea, coffee and pastries
  • 10:00–10:15
    Opening remarks from host and keynote
  • 10:15–11:00
    Panel discussions
  • 11:10 – 12:00                          Fireside  Chat & High Level Reflections
  • 12:00–13:00
    Light nibbles and networking

The Resilience Hub is excited to kick off a year of events with its first appearance at London Climate Action Week. With a mix of networking, panel and fireside discussions, our event on 25 June, A Whole-of-Society Approach to Building Resilient, Equitable Communities, promises to be dynamic and thought provoking.

Join us at this event to celebrate the three year anniversary of the Race to Resilience Campaign and its home at UNFCCC COPs – the Resilience Hub – and reflect forward on the critical gaps that we must close on the road to COP29, COP30, and beyond. As part of London Climate Action Week and in line with its ambition, this event will specifically hone in on mobilising whole-of-society climate action to ensure that the solutions we discuss and create today are fit for everyone without creating blind spots and propagating inequities.

Check out our agenda and amazing line-up of speakers.




Welcome Remarks

Chris Bradshaw, Chief Sustainability Officer, Bentley Systems

Seth Schultz, CEO, Resilience Rising

Panel Discussion

Moderated by Daniel Stander, Special Advisor to the United Nations and Deputy Chair of Resilient Cities Network

Eniola Mafe-Abaga, Global Advocacy & Partnerships Director, Bridges to Prosperity

Farah Ahmed, Climate Justice Lead, Julie’s Bicycle

Chris Bradshaw, Chief Sustainability Officer, Bentley Systems

Cassie Sutherland, Managing Director for Climate Solutions and Networks, C40 Cities

Fireside Chat

Moderated by Marcia Toledo, Director of Adaptation and Resilience, UN Climate Change High-Level Champions

Jesper Hornberg, CEO, Global Resilience Partnership

Shehnaaz Moosa, Director, SouthSouthNorth

AY Young, CEO & Flagship Artist of the Battery Tour

High Level Reflections

Moderated by Marcia Toledo, Director of Adaptation and Resilience, UN Climate Change High-Level Champions

Nigel Topping, Race to Resilience Global Ambassador, UN Climate Change High-Level Champion from the COP26 Presidency

Mahmoud Mohieldin, UN Climate Change High-Level Champion for COP27

Chris Bradshaw

welcome and panel

Chris Bradshaw is chief sustainability officer at Bentley Systems, bringing together Bentley’s sustainability and education initiatives with the objective of empowering Bentley’s users to achieve sustainable development goals, while ensuring the next generation of engineers has the tools and knowledge to succeed.


welcome and panel

Seth is CEO of Resilience Rising. A globally recognized innovator and thought leader, he has a long track record of building consensus and initiating change in the field of sustainable development, urban climate action and resilient infrastructure.

Daniel Stander

Panel Moderator

Daniel is special advisor to the United Nations on sustainable finance. He is also Deputy Chair of the Resilient Cities Network and has been a senior fellow at The Atlantic Council.



Eniola Mafe Abaga is the Global Advocacy and Partnership Director at B2P, bringing over 15 years of experience in facilitating stakeholder engagement, systems change, program implementation, and sustainable development strategy in developing countries.



Farah Ahmed (she/they) is the Climate Justice Lead at Julie’s Bicycle. She manages the Creative Climate Justice programme, developing resources, curating events and advocacy, connecting environmental, racial and social justice, and creative activism. Farah is also a facilitator on the Creative Climate Leadership programme.

Cassie Sutherland


Cassie is the Managing Director for the Climate Solutions and Networks team at C40, leading the development and delivery of sector programmes and support to cities in energy and buildings, food and waste, transport, urban planning, air quality and climate resilience.

Marcia Toledo

Fireside Chat and High Level reflection Moderator

Marcia is a senior professional with 20+ years of work experience designing climate programs and managing portfolios and providing strategic direction to accelerate climate implementation.

Jesper Hornberg

fireside chat

Jesper Hornberg is the Chief Executive Officer at the Global Resilience Partnership. He has over 25 years of experience working with identification, management, and scaling hundreds of resilience and adaptation projects and programs globally and in various roles.

Shehnaaz Moosa

fireside chat

Shehnaaz is a Director at SouthSouthNorth, the CEO of the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) programme and the SSN Project Director and Steering Committee member of the Voices for Just Climate Action (VCA) program.


fireside chat

AY Young is CEO and flagship artist of the Battery Tour as well as 1 of the 17 United Nations Young Leaders of the world. AY is the only youth leader of the 17 from the USA selected representing all the youth in the USA.

Nigel Topping

High Level Reflections

Nigel Topping was the UN Climate Change High-Level Champion from the COP26 Presidency, appointed by the UK Prime Minister in January 2020.

Dr Mahmoud Mohieldin

High Level Reflections

Dr. Mohieldin was appointed as the UN Climate Change High-Level Champion for Egypt at COP27, with aims at enhancing the communication between the Egyptian presidency of COP27 and businesses, the private sector and international funding institutions working in climate change-related fields.


Hosted by Bentley Systems, 6-8 Bishopsgate, London

The new, impressive regional headquarters for Bentley Systems, a 50-storey tower, stands as a testament to innovation, offering an interactive collaborative space that fosters networking and stimulates discussions on the future of infrastructure delivery.


43rd floor
6-8 Bishopsgate
London EC2N 4BQ

More about the event

The Race to Resilience campaign was launched out of necessity to meet the existential challenges of today, impacting billions on the frontlines of the climate crisis. In just three years, R2R partners have pledged to increase the resilience of more than 3 billion people by 2030, with concrete actions already covering 1.87 billion people. Together with the campaign, the Resilience Hub remains committed to its mission of being an inclusive space to drive forward radical collaboration to build an equitable, climate-just world and push the broader climate community for solution-driven engagements at and between UNFCCC COPs.

In this event we will explore the multifaceted challenges of a rapidly changing climate via the lens of infrastructure and community engagement. In an ever-changing world, resilient infrastructure emerges as the cornerstone of sustainable development, responding not only to physical needs but also to the evolving demands of communities worldwide. It transcends mere structural integrity to encompass service quality, lifecycle costs, and the mitigation of loss and damage, ushering in a future-ready, just energy transition grounded in resilience, sustainability, and social equity. Collaboration with communities and investment in nature-based solutions (NbS) are pivotal in fortifying infrastructure against the escalating impacts of climate change.

We look forward to welcoming you for a robust and engaged discussion with ample opportunity for mingling over coffee and staying behind for networking over nibbles!