COP28 Latin America & Caribbean Regional Resilience Hub


The COP28 Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Resilience Hub is led by Fundación Avina. The Latin America and Caribbean Regional Hub is delivering a programme of in-person and virtual engagements to bring the local voice to the global platform from May to November 2023.

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The Regional Resilience Hubs played a crucial role of ensuring the voices and perspectives of traditionally under-represented communities are amplified and heard. They played a central role in illuminating and communicating regional priorities, actions, solutions and challenges on the global stage at COP27.

Key Messages

Heading to COP28, Avina seeks to build and promote conversations on climate justice through the democratization of global climate decision-making spaces and foster access to climate finance by local communities.

To achieve this, the Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Resilience Hub (LAC Resilience Hub) builds on the key messages collaboratively identified by different stakeholders in the region last year. These messages were elaborated from 7 thematic workshops and were systematized in the following document.

Watch all the communication materials (videos, infographics and carrousels) that were prepared from the key messages collected at COP27. These are available in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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At COP28 the Latin America and the Caribbean Resilience Hub will draw from key messages emerging from the Resilience Hub at COP27. It will work to promote conversations at events in the global south to reinforce the identified messages and promote the acceleration of solutions that focus on communities in the region. The Regional Resilience Hub will address themes under the overall Resilience Hub, particularly focussing on: Finance and Investment, Food and Agriculture, Water and Natural Ecosystems, Cities and Urbanization, Health and Wellbeing.

Some of the key messages that will be highlighted by the Regional Hub include:

  • The importance of promoting regional collaborative processes as a means to strengthen climate resilience in the region.
  • The relevance of the inclusion of local voices in decision making processes, particularly those of women, the youth, local communities and indigenous peoples and the respect and promotion of local knowledge and cosmovision.
  • The need for local communities to access climate finance in an expedite and effective manner and in a way that they can be the authors of their own projects.

Programme of Events

In the run up to COP28, the LAC Regional Resilience Hub will be taking part in events across the region and internationally. The key messages and insights from the LAC Regional Resilience Hubs will be presented with new learnings from 2023’s sessions turned into a key message and policy recommendation guide for COP28.

A selection of the 2023 programming is below:

In the framework of the Bonn Climate Conference SB58, Fundación Avina, together with Voices for Climate Action – Akina Mama Wa Afrika, Hivos and Impulsouth – led the event “Strategies to deliver gender responsive and socially inclusive climate finance (CF) to local levels“, where the voices of the Global South were raised with the aim of accelerating gender-responsive financing processes.

Andrés Mogro, Coordinator of Fundación Avina’s Climate Resilience and Transition Program, highlighted “the need to decentralize access to climate information, to adapt the criteria and processes for access to finance to the realities and needs of local communities, and above all to promote local voices as creators of their own projects from the outset, in order to avoid top-down processes. The audience included, among others, representatives of indigenous peoples from Latin America and Africa, who highlighted the impacts they suffer due to climate change and the need to raise their own voices and facilitate access to finance.

This event is part of Fundación Avina’s actions in the process of the Latin American and Caribbean Resilience Hub.

Watch the event here.

‘Taller Regional LEDS LAC 2023: Acción para la transformación’ will be held 21–25 August in Lima.

Taller Regional 2023 – LEDS LAC

This year’s Africa Climate Week will take place from 4-8 September 2023 in Nairobi, hosted by the government of Kenya. ACW 2023 will be organized in parallel with the Africa Climate Summit on 4-6 September, also hosted by Kenya.

Africa Climate Week 2023 | UNFCCC

More than 1500 members of the climate change adaptation community from around the world gather in Montreal to share their knowledge on the challenges and opportunities of adaptation.

Home – Time to Innovate: Adapt Together

Latin America and Caribbean Climate Week (LACCW 2023) is one of four Regional Climate Weeks held this year to build momentum ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference COP 28 in Dubai and the conclusion of the first Global Stocktake, designed to chart the way for fulfilling the Paris Agreement’s key goals.

LACCW 2023 will be hosted by the government of Panama.

Latin America and Caribbean Climate Week (LACCW 2023) | UNFCCC

Stories of Resilience


Videos from past years’ Latin America & Caribbean Regional Hub activities  can be viewed here or on our YouTube channel. Navigate the playlist using the drop-down list in the top right of the player.

Partners & co-hosts

The Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Resilience Hub is led by the Fundación Avina. Through partnering with the organisations listed below, a series of engagements are being organized to bring together the voices of lesser heard and underrepresented constituencies and amplify them in the run up to COP28.

Partners and co-hosts: