About our partners – Build Change

2 October, 2021


We asked one of our programme partners for the Cities, Regions and Built Environment theme, Build Change, to explain more about their work and how it connects with the aims of the COP Resilience Hub.

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Build Change sees the Resilience Hub as an innovative new platform for galvanizing action and leadership around resilience and adaptation in COP26.

This is a really important moment, as both adaptation and the built environment are being showcased as two dedicated themes at COP26, and we wanted to shape the agenda in collaboration with colleagues and leaders from the global north and south.

At Build Change, we seek to build a world where disaster-resilient housing is accessible and affordable to all. We mobilize people, money, and technology to transform systems for regulating, financing, building, and improving houses around the world.

We’re a member of the Resilience Hub, where we lead the initiative on Resilient Housing, which is a collaboration of governments, banks, philanthropists, and tech solutions standardising access to resilient, climate-smart housing worldwide. With three billion people projected to live in vulnerable housing by 2030, the time to act is now if we are to protect families, communities, and livelihoods.

We want to elevate the issue of housing on the climate agenda and strengthen policy, investment and innovation towards resilient housing, which is needed to advance the overall climate resilience of our built environment.

At COP26, we hope to engage state and non-state actors to advance action and collaboration for policy and investment in resilient housing’s role in climate resilience.

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