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13 October, 2021

We asked Fundación Avina one of our programme partners for the Food and Agriculture Theme to explain more about their work and how it connects with the aims of the COP Resilience Hub.

Fundación Avina’s Climate Action Theory of Change promotes systematic changes through a collaborative process at the global, regional and national level. This theory of change directs our organisation’s climate efforts, having one of its main goals to contribute to the enhancement of more resilient human systems and ecosystems in the face of climate change, particularly in Latin America and the Global South. The Resilience Hub is an opportunity to actively bring this agenda into the COP. 

Fundación Avina works in several global, regional, and national initiatives focused on resilience. Much of our experience is in Latin American, where we are a regional access to the Green Climate Fund (GCF). Within the GCF our mission is to help countries implement their adaptation measures, integrate the concept of resilience into their climate change policies and provide support on the implementation of climate change solutions, particularly those that support adaptation measures. 

Our work on regional initiatives seeks to increase resilience of communities and ecosystems at a local level. Some examples include Impulsouth (co-lead by IDRC, FLACSO Ecuador and UNU), Voices for Climate Action (co-lead by WWF, South-South North, Akina Wa Mama Africa and Slum Dwellers International), and Andes Resilientes al Cambio Climático[1] (co-lead with Helvetas). Andes Resilientes is an example of how we look to provide better tools and opportunities through policy for small vulnerable farmers who face a changing climate in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. Avina is also leading, together with 100Resilient Cities and the BID Lab, a regional strategy for urban resilience which aims at enhancing new business models that contribute to overcoming social, environmental, and economic challenges through technological and social innovation to strengthen urban resilience in Latin America. 

Fundación Avina seeks to share the experience it has built in the implementation of various projects in Latin America. Our know-how includes promoting the mobilization of climate finance, the definition and design of climate change projects, the creation of collaborative processes for information sharing, the strengthening of institutional capacities and identification of barriers and challenges in adaptation project design. We believe that the knowledge we have been developing can be useful for other contexts within the Global South.

Fundación Avina has participated in several COPs in the past. We consider this COP particularly important for making progress on key issues during the negotiations and towards the definition of a global goal on adaptation. We would like to raise awareness around the need to expand technical and financial support for adaptation measures, particularly to increase resilience of vulnerable communities and ecosystems in the Global South. The Resilience Hub will allow us to share our experience of lessons learned and barriers we have encountered so more resources can be allocated and deployed at the local level. At the same time to learn from other organizations working on resilience around the world, hoping that we can bring back information to be implemented in our own sphere of action.

[1] The translation of this Project would be: Resilient Andes to Climate Change

Fundación Avina https://www.avina.net/en/home/ 

Andes Resiliente https://www.helvetas.org/es/peru/lo-que-hacemos/como-trabajamos/nuestros-proyectos/America-latina/Peru/Peru-Andes-Resilientes

Andes Resilientes video: https://youtu.be/groGAprxSS4

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