About our partners – InsuResilience Global Partnership

9 October, 2021

We asked one of our programme partners for the Finance and Investment Theme, InsuResilience Global Partnership, to explain more about their work and how it connects with the aims of the COP Resilience Hub.

InsuResilience Global Partnership (IGP), through a grand coalition of diverse actors, is a global initiative seeking to inspire coordinated collective action to contribute to the building of resilience in the face of climate and disaster shocks. To this end, the COP Resilience Hub offers a great opportunity to expand our conversation beyond our membership base, to work collaboratively with partners and to seek greater ambition and action toward our goal of scaling up climate and disaster risk financing and insurance solutions. 

Through a grand coalition of 100 members, the IGP is a game-changing initiative, well structured to drive forward ambitious, transformative, scalable and sustainable solutions to address the protection gap in the face of increasing climate volatility      

IGP as a partner within the Race to Resilience through its Vision 2025, is contributing to global efforts to build resilience. First, it helps countries to adequately respond to the human impacts of climate change, in particular, after a disaster occurred. Second, it supports countries to better prepare for natural hazards through the use of pre-arranged climate and disaster risk financing and risk transfer solutions including insurance.

IGP will be delivering concrete contributions to COP26. These include:

The launch of an Evidence Roadmap with a renewed focus on impact of climate and disaster risk financing and insurance approaches

The launch of a Centre of Excellence on Gender-smart Solutions which offers an online respository of information and knowledge sharing platform to inspire and guide efforts for gender-smart approaches to climate and disaster risk financing and insurance

Additionally, through a number of our planned events at COP26 and on the margins, we intend to stimulate dialogue around climate and disaster risk financing and insurance, reflecting on best practice cases and with a view toward the future and how the global community can reach the goals outlined in Vision 2025 and ensure that this is part of a broader resilience building agenda.

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