COPpuccino – the smart way to start your climate day

5 November, 2021

One of the gems of this Resilience Hub website is the daily interview that comes with the catchy title of the COPpuccino. You’ll find it under the Film heading at the top of the Home page where it’s as stimulating as your first cup of coffee. It’s rich and rewarding and even better than the real thing because the COPpuccino is always there when you have a spare ten minutes and it never goes cold.

So, what is resilience and what’s the role of the Resilience Hub? Resilience and its partner adaptation are weapons in the fight with climate change where mitigation has already won its place in global understanding. 

Put at its most succinct, mitigation is about carbon while resilience and adaptation are about people.

For that crisp summary we’re grateful to Kathy Baughman McLeod speaking in the first COPpuccino broadcast where the concept and genesis of the Resilience Hub is explained. She’s director of the Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center at the Atlantic Council and she was one of three interviewees to set out the agenda for the Resilience Hub. She was joined by Nathanial Matthews, CEO of the Global Resilience Partnership and Seth Schultz, CEO of the Resilience Shift.

In a fascinating and informative session led by Peter Willis from the Resilience Shift the speakers discussed the rationale and ambition of the Resilience Hub. 

That went out on the first morning of COP26 and has been followed by daily short pieces where Peter talks to key players and specialists involved in the climate drama. One by one the COPpuccino portfolio grows and remains accessible on this website with contributors from around the world.

If you’ve not yet savoured the flavour of COPpuccino, you can start now

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