Powerful films carry the message of resilience

12 October, 2021

If a picture is worth a thousand words just think of the power of moving pictures. Film and video are weapons in the war on climate change because they can inspire viewers around the world to want to do something.

Film, even more than photographs, delivers messages of horror and hope. Images of forest destruction and ocean poisoning are distressing and yet the beauty of the natural world and the countless examples of careful human behaviour show that all need not be lost.

For COP26 the Resilience Hub and WaterBear, the free streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet, have created a partnership that will make freely available a portfolio of inspirational films that illustrate today’s crisis and spotlight some remarkable regenerative work across sectors and continents. This film showcase https://cop-resilience-hub.org/waterbear-film-showcase/ aims to bridge the gap between seeing and doing in a changing world.

Josh Blau, Acquisitions Director at WaterBear explains: ‘While watching WaterBear’s inspirational content, viewers can connect with NGOs and take direct action – from making a donation to volunteering, signing petitions, sharing a cause on their social channels, and more.’

It is all too easy to overlook the work being done by environmentalists to protect the land and sea and rivers and the creatures who live there. Campaigners need to be heard and WaterBear decided to make short films and to give a platform for others to help build momentum for action. Resilience, sustainability and adaptability are key goals at COP26 and the Film Showcase is focused on them. Some examples include new ways of growing coffee in Africa, resistance to deforestation in Asia and South America, the beauty of arctic ice and water systems, Kenya’s wildlife warriors. And everywhere the threat of pollution and over-exploitation hangs like a gathering storm.

The magnitude of the climate crisis can feel overwhelming, but WaterBear hopes to inspire people to action and not feel helpless. ‘We want to make films that are not apocalyptic, but give people a handle on what’s happening,’ Ellen Windemuth, WaterBear CEO, told British Vogue. ‘We want to make people feel they’re ready to get up and do something themselves.’

You can see the trailers at https://cop-resilience-hub.org/waterbear-film-showcase/ or select a film then click through to register and view more on the WaterBear platform. We are also screening additional films as part of the COP Resilience Hub virtual programme of events and activities so subscribe to receive programme updates.

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