From Framing to Financing #LossAndDamage

7 November, 2022

By Kavita Sachwani, Finance Lead and State Program Coordinator Finance Lead, 2030 Water Resources Group

COP after COP, the global climate action community or the ‘Conference of Parties’ as it is officially called, has made endless efforts to define, measure, and attribute Loss and Damage. From Agreement to Protocol, from Mechanism and Network to Conference and Declaration to Dialogue, we have been only discussing and asserting the need for climate action. Even the science of the impacts of climate change and its disproportionate impacts on developing countries are indisputable. It’s time we moved from dialogues and margins of climate negotiations to rebooting failed pledges and promises! Because our climate-changed world is struggling to stay afloat. Literally!

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Kavita Sachwani, a Chartered Accountant by qualification, is a public policy and sustainable finance professional currently working with the 2030 Water Resources Group of the World Bank. She is a Working Group Member of CRAL-2 cohort convened by the ICCCAD and Global Resilience Partnership.

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