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Thursday 30th November


Friday 1st December


Adaptation Finance for Commercial Banks with operations in Emerging and Developing Markets


Adaptation Finance Reference Guide for Commercial Banks

KPMG and Standard Chartered Bank, in collaboration with the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) and the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI), are developing a Reference Guide on Adaptation Finance for commercial banks, as well as for broader private sector participants. The Reference Guide focuses on Emerging Markets and Developing Economies (EMDEs). It aims to provide a clear outline and blueprint for accelerating and facilitating increased private sector involvement in adaptation finance. This will be achieved by defining adaptation-related investments and co-benefits, and integrating them into existing market frameworks and principles, such as the UNDRR Resilience Taxonomy, Green Bonds Principles, Social Bonds Principles, etc. The Guide is currently in development and is scheduled for launch in early 2024.

Saturday 2nd December


The State of Pre-Arranged Financing: Time to Get Ahead

The session will offer a trusted baseline on the state of (i) PAF, (ii) highlight practical steps that can be taken to address this challenge (iii) and issue a call to action for more concerted action.

Report by the Centre for Disaster Protection: THE STATE OF PRE-ARRANGED FINANCING FOR DISASTERS 2023

Sunday 3rd December


Psychological Resilience as a Pillar for Climate Resilience

COP2 Race to Resilience Roadmap Launch (


Water and Nature Resilience in the Climate Era: Innovative, Holistic and Effective Governance

Tanzania snapshot on water and climate

Masungi Georeserve Foundation Inc.

Adapting to climate change in the Zambesi River Basin

City Water Resilience Approach

Monday 4th December

Investing In Resilient Coastal Communities


Tuesday 5th December


Co-producing Equitable Cities: Catalysts for Just Climate Action

R-Cities: City Energy Resilience Profile from Lagos, Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro, Cali

Pathways to decarbonization: Innovation in high-impact sectors and the road to net zero

Structure and insights are grounded in key findings on gaps and areas of opportunity from Deloitte’s ongoing research on Pathways to Decarbonization.


GCA 2023 Local Adaptation Champions Awards Ceremony

Wednesday 6th December


Roof Over Our Heads (ROOH)

ROOH documents can be accessed at Linktree and Website can be accessed at


Climate, Housing and Health: How to Build Inclusive and Equitable Urban Resilience.

Climate, Health and Equity Research project R-Cities and Yale University

Friday 8th December

10 New Insights in Climate Science 2023-24

10 New Insights report 2023/24 (embargoed until 12.00 GMT 3 December)


Landscapes for water – Scaling up locally-led climate action

Climate-Risk Informed Decision Analysis (CRIDA) –

The Water-smart Forest Landscape Restoration (W-FLR) Tool –

TSURO Trust – Tsuro Trust – Towards sustainable use of resources organisation


From Reaction to Socio-Ecological Resilience: Advancing disaster risk reduction and ecosystem restoration for climate adaptation

Ecosystem-Based Disaster Risk Reduction: Implementing Nature-based Solutions for Resilience [link]

G20 Global Land Initiative [link

‘The role of land restoration in disaster resilience’ webinar [link]

Toolkit for the indicators of resilience in socio-ecological production landscapes and seascapes [link]

Using Landscape approaches in National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Planning [link]

Saturday 9th December


Women and the Changing Tide: Addressing inequities in small-scale fisheries and aquaculture

Advancing gender in the environment: gender in fisheries—a sea of opportunities


From humanitarian response to recovery – A case for disaster risk finance?

Towards transformative action: The unfulfilled promise of resilient recovery – Flood Resilience Portal

From risk to resilience: Enabling, elevating, and financing resilient recovery – Flood Resilience Portal


Can disaster risk financing mechanisms really reduce climate risk?

Towards transformative action: The unfulfilled promise of resilient recovery – Flood Resilience Portal

From risk to resilience: Enabling, elevating, and financing resilient recovery – Flood Resilience Portal


Nature Positive and Resilient: The Infrastructure We Need


How Creativity Can Build Resilient Communities

Call to Action – Culture at the Heart of Climate Action

A global call to the UNFCCC to include cultural heritage, the arts and creative sectors in climate policy


Sustainable Seas: How Improving Fisheries Prevents Conflict Around the World

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Sunday 10th December


Supporting Innovation to Build Food System Resilience Across Landscapes and Waterscapes

Report: Bundling Innovative Risk Management Technologies to Accelerate Agricultural Growth and Improve Nutrition

Evidence Insight: Generating Resilience+ to Reduce Poverty and Spur Agricultural Growth 


Regenerative and Nature-positive Agriculture as an Avenue to Build Climate Resilient Food Systems

The launch of  the Sustainable Rice NDC Alliance as an instrument to tackle local challenges within a national framework, directed at addressing global concerns. 

Sustainable Rice NDC Alliance white paper

Sustainable Rice NDC Alliance strategic plan


Measuring what we value, or Valuing what we measure? Delving into the frontiers of resilience evidence and measurement

The Resilience Evidence Forum Synthesis Report is available here: 

The recordings of the sessions at the Resilience Evidence Forum are available here: 

Learn more about the Resilience Evidence Coalition and join its LinkedIN group or mailing list to receive regular updates here:


Unholy Alliances: Fostering multi-stakeholder coalitions for food system transformations

Video on case study presented by FONCODES:


‘Green Mountain Pioneers’ Film Screening & panel discussion on adaptation enablers

Film trailer – 

SATI website –

Monday 11th December


The Journey of Entertainment & Culture for Climate Action (ECCA)  


Challenging the Vulnerability Narrative: The call for climate justice featuring youth voices

Youth from the Caribbean will represent the Caribbean Climate Justice Leadership Academy

Read about the programme:

Tuesday 12th December