The Resilience Hub returns to Africa Climate Week

30 August, 2023

After a successful kick off in 2022 at the Africa Climate Week, The Resilience Hub will be returning to the UNFCCC’s Africa Climate Week, taking place in Nairobi, Kenya between 4-8 September. 

Both the Africa and Latin America and Caribbean Regional Resilience Hubs will be taking part in the on-the-ground programming at Climate Week alongside multiple partners in the UN-backed Race to Resilience campaign mobilizing action on climate resilience. The event takes place in parallel with the Africa Climate Summit (4-6 September), also hosted by Kenya.

They will join a diverse range of stakeholders for regional collaboration on climate action and placing the messages and policy recommendations of the Regional Resilience Hubs into discussions across the week. They will also engage stakeholders and constituencies to hear the voices of resilience across the Africa region. 

Participants at the Climate Week include representatives of governments, the private sector, development organizations, youth groups and civil society opening space. The events provide numerous opportunities to engage in solution-oriented dialogues, to build new partnerships and collaborate on climate action projects.

Want to join the Resilience Hub at Africa Climate Week? 

If you are attending and would like to join in the Regional Resilience Hub sessions, you must be registered to attend Africa Climate Week to attend the below events in-person. 

Session 1: Building adaptation and resilience across systems: Rallying action for the implementation of the Sharm-El-Sheikh Adaptation Agenda (SAA) from the Africa wide region

When: Thursday 7 September, 16:30-17:30

Organisers: Global Resilience Partnership, Climate Champions. Food and Agriculture Organisation.

Taking part: Slum Dwellers International, the UN High Level Champions for Climate Action, Open Society Foundation, Climate KIC, Green Africa Youth Organisation (GAYO)

Overview of event: Adaptation action is progressing but not at the scale and speed required to protect lives, livelihoods, and the infrastructures and ecosystems they depend on. To contribute to addressing the adaptation implementation and finance gaps, the Sharm El-Sheikh Adaptation Action Agenda, comprising 30 adaptation solutions across systems, was launched at COP27. 

This session will bring together key non-party stakeholders showcasing A&R work and initiatives with impacts on the ground illustrating adaptation and resilience action across systems and providers of support . It will also discuss how such actions are contributing to global and/or regional or country signals of change across systems and what key enablers and obstacles exist to further advance adaptation and resilience. 

Email: Gerald David (GRP): for further information.

Session 2: Cultivating an ecosystem for scaling innovation in Africa and Latin America: Concrete examples from the ground.

When: Friday 8 September, 15:00-16:00 

Organisers: GRP, Resilience Hub, RAIN Challenge partners, Fundación Avina

Overview of event: The agricultural sector is ripe with innovation and transformation potential despite rapidly becoming more susceptible to the harsh impacts of climate change. Unfortunately, factors such as unpredictable climate conditions make investing in agriculture seem high risk. This session will look at the intersection of the two: innovative agriculture solutions and the mechanisms that help overcome the high risk perception that prevents investors from unlocking the funds for such projects.

In this session, entrepreneurs and project leads will draw from their own experiences on the ground to highlight how seed-level innovative ideas that meet resilience needs can be scaled to sustainable business ideas of interest to private investors and funders. We will also address what are the mechanisms that can help address climate risks (e.g. adequate funding and capacity building) and the main obstacles for innovation and transformation at the local level.

You can also check out the different South South North events at Africa Climate week.

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Photo: CIAT/Georgina Smith – CC-BY-NC-SA

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