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2 November, 2021

Google is proud to sponsor the Resilience Hub at COP26.  We are committed to contributing to a resilient planet by unifying our technology, partnerships, and resources around a single mission — to foster sustainability at scale. 

Nithya Sowriraian

Director, Global Solutions, Google Earth and Earth Engine

By organising information about our planet, and making it actionable through technology, we help people, NGOs, policymakers and companies make better and faster decisions.  Among the ways we’re bringing tools and information to make sustainable choices, we are thrilled to share the progress that’s been made across The Environmental Insights Explorer (EIE), helping 500 cities measure, track, and reduce an aggregate of 1 gigaton of carbon emissions by 2030 and beyond.  

We are aligned with the goals of the COP Resilience Hub and encourage local governments to adopt data and technologies that can accelerate effective climate action. EIE is available to more than 20,000 cities and regions across the world and is continuously expanding.

To learn more about how cities are using EIE, you can review our 2021 City Impact Report.  If you’re part of a local government and think EIE could help your community, please contact us here

Our director and her team

Nithya is a long-time tech leader currently serving as director, Google Maps. She leads a high performing and mission-driven Go-to-market team that sits at the intersection of technology, business and social/environmental impact. 

Her team is responsible for bringing best-in-class geospatial, insights and enterprise solutions within critical domains such as climate action, sustainable supply chain, air quality and habitat conservation across the public and private sector.  

Post Covid-19, using data to inform shovel-ready climate action projects is critical for cities on the path to a green recovery. Her team also serves enterprises that have set ambitious goals around sustainable supply chain, environmental, social and governance (ESG) with our Cloud-based geospatial imagery platform. By deploying technology to serve both business and impact goals, the team is driving industry accountability, transparency and charting the path to a more sustainable future for both the planet and its people.

Picture: The towering high rises of downtown Denver, Colorado sit between the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains to the west and the tree lined neighbourhoods and parks of the city to the east.

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