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25 October, 2021

IBM is proud to be a sponsor of the Resilience Hub. ‘Innovation that matters for our clients and for the world’ is one of our core values. One that resonates now more than ever. 

Sanjay Tugnait, Global Managing Partner for Sustainability.

by Sanjay Tugnait

Throughout its 110-year history, IBM’s values have helped it to make decisions that were right before they were popular or mandated. IBM’s environmental leadership is an example of that. 

Exactly 50 years ago, in 1971, IBM’s chairman and CEO published a prescient, forward-looking corporate policy for environmental protection. And since then, IBM has achieved sustained and demonstrable results. 

Learning from our own experiences and from collaborating with our clients we understand the challenges being faced by business, cities and communities in effectively putting sustainability at the core of their business strategies, policies and behaviours. We build solutions that help organisations large and small to better position themselves to plan for and address the impacts of climate change. 

Weather, operational resilience and climate risk are inextricably linked. IBM’s Environmental Intelligence Suite (EIS) helps organisations plan for and respond to disruptive weather and climate events using AI. The Spanish bank Cajamar is using EIS right now, helping farmers improve yields and reduce environmental impact with its digital Plataforma Tierra tool. 

We are also collaborating with Raise Green, an impressive start-up in the US, to design a solution that empowers entrepreneurs, regardless of experience or income, to start their own renewable energy businesses. The Originator Engine is a digital platform that connects customers, investors, and ecosystem partners to help navigate the process of securing financial investment for new businesses in the solar energy sector. 

Openness will be the key differentiator as we work to create the resilient and responsible enterprises of the future that will be characterized by four core traits:

*     embracing open platforms with intelligent workflows

*     proactively collaborating across ecosystems

 *    fostering an open approach to innovation with partners

*     build a culture of trust and integrity – in oneanother and in the data being shared across new co-created value chains

 At COP and beyond we want organisations of all sizes to realise that achieving net zero targets starts and ends with data. We need to use today’s most plentiful resource to save the scarcest. We need to work together across new value chains and ecosystems, with technology helping us accelerate faster than we can go alone.

IBM announced from COP26 in Glasgow that it has joined the FAST Infra Platform, an initiative that aims to close the trillion-dollar sustainable infrastructure investment gap with urgency, by transforming sustainable infrastructure.

Learn more about how we are supporting cities to become more resilient and driving the acceleration of renewable energy at the event ‘Integrating net-zero energy system transformation into the needs of sustainable cities’ at 8.45am on November 11 – register here

Picture shows farmer using digital device to check the health of his crop

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