What’s coming to the Hub? Arts Culture and Heritage theme programming

3 October, 2021

Our partners at COP26 are all contributing to a dramatic schedule that will pitch Glasgow to the forefront of the global response to climate change. The Resilience Hub events platform is live on this site and you are invited to register to attend either virtually or in person. Browse the calendar and register your interest here.

Our partners for the Arts, Culture and Heritage programme:

Climate Heritage Network, mobilising culture for climate action. 

Countryside and Community Research Institute (CCRI), specialist rural research centre. 

British Council 

Arts and Humanities Research Council/ PRAXIS at University of Leeds, arts and humanities for global challenges.  

What have Arts, Culture and Heritage got to do with resilience? 

The Culture Theme will showcase the sometimes overlooked role that culture, including creativity, creative solutions, arts and heritage plays in creatively modelling different futures and building a climate resilient world. We will use the signaling power of iconic heritage sites, including World Heritage sites, to showcase approaches to resilience, adaptation and mitigation. This is one way of strengthening resilience and adaptation by transferring lessons of resilience learned from the past. 

The diversity of knowledge systems, languages, livelihoods, functions, worldviews and belief systems support resilience as does inter-cultural dialogue and exchange, which fosters interconnectedness. 

The arts can be a powerful player by dramatizing urgency, inspiring action and creating human-centred approaches that empower people to take action, bridging climate science and people. It will be important to build upon the July30 declaration of the G20 Culture Ministers supporting the integration of arts, culture and heritage into the Adaptation Communications of State Parties, to promote mainstreaming of culture into resilience planning at all levels. 

What does this mean in terms of projects and initiatives on the ground?

For the Resilience Hub, we are focusing on the use of Arts, Culture and Heritage to promote and enable resilience building at different scales and infrastructure lifecycle stages. For example, this could include: 

How will we know if we are getting it right?

We must seize the opportunity presented by the ground-breaking inclusion of culture based strategies in the Race to Resilience, promoting the RtR and these goals as ways to mobilise culture based resilience strategies among diverse non-state actors with a focus on vulnerable groups and communities. 

If we get our collaboration right, now and in the future, we will hope to:  

The full programme will be launched shortly, along with the event platform and registration. Sign up using the form on this site and we’ll update you as it goes live.

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