What’s coming to the Hub? Food and Agriculture theme programming

13 October, 2021

Our partners at COP26 are all contributing to a dramatic schedule that will pitch Glasgow to the forefront of the global response to climate change. The Resilience Hub events platform is live on this site and you are invited to register to attend either virtually or in person. Browse the calendar and register your interest here.

Our partners for the Food and Agriculture programme theme: 

Just Rural Transition (JRT) transforming how we produce and consume food

Fundación Avina foundation for the food of tomorrow

International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) global leader in sustainable development

Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) promoting climate-smart agriculture

How does Food and Agriculture effect resilience?

Nature is a force for good. Although food systems are the primary driver of biodiversity loss (with agriculture accounting for 80 percent of extinction threats to all mammalian and bird species), working with nature and people to enhance the role of ecosystems can deliver both adaptation and mitigation outcomes while also tackling biodiversity loss, inequality, and poverty.

This theme will showcase evidence-based, people-centred, inclusive solutions at all levels, involving Indigenous Peoples and local communities, women, youth and other marginalised groups from the Global South.

Through creative, innovative, and positive-minded events we will bring together government, civil society, and the private sector in discussion and debate to showcase how food systems can deliver for climate, nature and people to catalyse a just, inclusive, and nature-positive future.


What does this mean in practice?

The challenge and magnitude of the problem

How will we know if we’re getting it right?

  1. Showcase examples of nature and people in action, delivering a range of outcomes that support our vision for food and agriculture transformation.
  2. Provide tangible food systems, land-use and nature-positive solutions – as well as case studies and available knowledge resources – to support engaging and collaboration between public and private leaders at national, regional, and international levels, increasing awareness, developing and scaling innovative solutions, and accelerating action. 
  3. Secure commitment to the Race to Resilience (and the principles for Locally Led Adaptation) from key food system and agriculture actors.

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