Interactive Engagement

The interactive space in this year's Resilience Hub Pavilion will captivate, stimulate, and inspire your imagination toward creating a more resilient future. 

This year’s Hub features creative and interactive elements that explore the unique challenges and solutions taking place around the world and transforms them into action. Our programming focuses on participatory, creative, and problem-solving approaches brought to life in concert with cartoonists, artists, fashion designers, and gamification elements. Engage with information differently and explore how art can be your partner in building resilience – be it via green video games, exploring alternative futures through the latest VR technologies, or listening to podcasts.

Week 1

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Interactive elements

More about our exciting interactive elements.


Each podcast episode will unpack and tear down a key belief, misconception, or practice that impedes global action and investment into adaptation and resilience. A total of 9 podcasts, circa 15 minutes in length will be released during COP27. Some topics we explore: Is it climate change, or is it whole earth systems change? Does practice make perfect – the more you suffer from floods, do you become more resilient to them?

Lloyds Register Foundation’s World Risk Poll

How resilient is your country? Come and explore this second edition of the Poll which builds on the first Poll findings from 2019 and provides a direct comparison between how people around the world perceive risks and how they experience them. These insights, published across four themed reports, will be used by governments, regulators, businesses, communities, NGOs, researchers, and international bodies to inform and target policies and interventions that save lives and help people feel safer.


What if instead of another pdf or report, a cartoon could say it all? At this year’s hub, a cartoonist will attend select Resilience Hub events to create digital versions of a cartoon that summarizes or highlights aspects of the intervention. Cartoons can often highlight what cannot be easily said, address the elephant in the room, or shed light on aspects that may have been overlooked. Sometimes a simple image can drive and inspire action.

No More Fairytales

The time for raising awareness of the problems has passed. Our focus in this anthology is on the solutions, what they might look like in practice and how we can make them happen. In the format of audible short stories, 11 stories will be released daily at COP and will be featured in the Resilience Hub’s interactive area.

WAF logo

World Art Forum

The World Art Forum (WAF) for Development Foundation focuses on the integration of Sustainable Art within the different areas under the Sustainable Development Goals to create a sustainable path for the partnership between Fine Arts and Sustainable Development. The Foundation believes in the critical role of Fine Arts in bridging gaps, shedding light on economic, social, and environmental issues, sparking dialogue and action, and fostering creative problem-solving.

The Tree of Unity

Ongoing activity will be launched in the opening Resilience Hub session on 6 November and will continue until the end of COP27. On a 4×2 meter white canvas, the outline of a sycamore tree will be painted and guests will be invited to add to the painting however they like and sign next to it. Throughout the Summit, guests will be able to see the tree grow on the canvas until it is in full bloom by the last day. Sycamore trees are closely tied to Egyptian heritage as they symbolized a world tree that stood for the “cosmic mother”; a title that was given to three Ancient Egyptian Goddesses: Hathor, Isis, and Nut. By having guests from around the globe join in painting a single tree, the painting will represent the unity of the world in fighting climate change.

Egyptian Art

Sustainable art from well-known Egyptian artists will be showcased in the formal area and meeting room.

Interactive Workshops

Hat-Hor Workshop

A 3-hour collective art workshop where 8 participants will make a collage of the Ancient Egyptian goddess Hat-Hor using colors and natural and recycled materials on 100×70 cm paper canvas. As the goddess for women, the heavens, fertility, and happiness, Hat-hor is a significant symbol for the Gender Day workshop to symbolize the connection between women and the environment.

Virtual painting

Painting without paint? We may have to. Explore the future of art by painting using a program called Tilt Brush. The 2-hour workshop is suitable for all levels and is very easy for beginners to participate in. Participants will paint using Oculus Quest.

VR and Gaming

The VR and Gaming station will take place daily in the interactive area and will feature the following opportunities:


Come and play Eco. Eco is a simulation game created by American studio Strange Loop Games, in which players have to work together to create a civilization on a virtual planet. The game values the gentle use of natural resources and is used both as an entertainment and educational tool.

Garden Story

Garden Story is an action role-playing game developed by Picogram and published by Rose City Games. Embark on a wholesome adventure to save The Grove! Forage resources, combat the invasive Rot, and restore the community. Relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor in this charming action RPG starring a grape.

VR Greenland Melting

Greenland’s glaciers are melting faster and faster. To understand why, and what this might mean for the rest of the world, FRONTLINE and NOVA — two of PBS’s flagship series based at WGBH — teamed up with Emblematic Group, X-Rez Studio, and Realtra to bring this story to life as never before.