Digital Resilience Finance for the Most Vulnerable: The solutions exist

By Hannes Gräf, Communication Lead “Scale for Resilience” The need for increased Resilience in a world characterized by progressing climate change has been understood by most after this record heat summer marked by natural catastrophes around the world. What is not so well known is the fact that we have solutions at hand to effectively […]

Visualising Resilience: Findings & priorities from the Africa Regional Resilience Hub

Ahead of COP27, we hosted a series of Regional Resilience Hubs to ensure that diverse perspectives and best practices on resilience are amplified and help drive the agenda at COP. As part of the Africa Hub, we commissioned a series of graphic harvests to capture the key findings, discussions and challenge areas that emerged from the virtual programme of […]

Early warning system helps locals respond to extreme weather events in Sudan

An accessible early warning system is supporting residents of Tuti Island, Sudan, to better respond to extreme weather events. Tuti Island is located in Khartoum, Sudan. In 2020, the island was devastated by floods, which directly affected over 875,000 people, claimed approximately 120 lives, and generated flood-related damages and losses amounting to over USD $3.34 […]