FEATURE: Scalable approaches to moving rural families beyond resilience in developing countries

Michael Carter – Director of Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Markets, Risk & Resilience – shares examples from Mali, Bangladesh, Mozambique and Tanzania where risk management tools are helping rural families not only withstand shocks, but move towards greater prosperity.  This is the ninth story in the Windows on Resilience series produced by CDKN and the Resilience […]

The story of our sponsors – Arup

Resilience is a critical agenda for Arup – and for everyone. As part of our mission to contribute to a sustainable future, we have pioneered resilience practice in communities, cities, infrastructure and organisations.  We welcome the Resilience Hub’s presence at COP26 and the opportunity it affords to collaborate with others. Jo da Silva Global Director […]

Feature: Unlocking youth potential in water resilience and climate action

Three young climate leaders reflect on the role of young people in enhancing water resilience and climate change adaptation. Michelle Meaclem (World Federation of Engineering Organisations/Tonkin + Taylor), Rianna Gonzales (Global Water Partnership), and Elysa Vaillancourt (International Secretariat for Water) argue that impactful water resilience and climate change adaptation depends on meaningfully supported and empowered […]