The story of our sponsors – Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson is delighted to be co-sponsoring the Resilience Hub this year. Glasgow will be remembered as the COP where action on adaptation and resilience really gained momentum – the world urgently needs the people, capital and risk solutions to build a Net Zero and climate resilient future. Rowan Douglas, head of Climate and […]

Feature: Unlocking youth potential in water resilience and climate action

Three young climate leaders reflect on the role of young people in enhancing water resilience and climate change adaptation. Michelle Meaclem (World Federation of Engineering Organisations/Tonkin + Taylor), Rianna Gonzales (Global Water Partnership), and Elysa Vaillancourt (International Secretariat for Water) argue that impactful water resilience and climate change adaptation depends on meaningfully supported and empowered […]

FEATURE: Building heat resilience in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Freetown, Sierra Leone, is taking the lead to grapple with extreme heat in this fast-expanding African city. This week Mayor Aki-Sawyerr will appoint a Chief Heat Officer, a city official focused on heat and protecting the well-being of city residents. Kathy Baughman McLeod reports from the Atlantic Council’s Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center. This is the first story […]

Resilience insights from two crises involving power failure

We know that climate change is here now (IPCC)  and resilience has been rising up the agenda as the world has tackled the impacts of the COVID pandemic and increasing weather-related events (WMO). The Resilience Shift CEO, Seth Schultz, calls critical infrastructure resilience “an insurance policy for humankind’s future”. The facts make for stark reading: […]