NEWS – Take care, it’s not just any old mud

Sand and mud were given their place in the COP26 spotlight when the Sediment Management Pledge was launched at the UNFCC Resilience Action event. These natural commodities are seen as important elements in carbon capture and their role as fish and wildlife habitats was also stressed by several speakers at the event including by the […]

NEWS UPDATE – Using Nature to help solve the crisis

News from our Partners CDRI The importance of nature-based solutions to climate change has been emphasised throughout COP26. NbS were the particular focus of a session at the end of the first week hosted by the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI). This considered a white paper ‘Governance of Infrastructure for Resilience’ produced by CDRI […]

COPpuccino – the smart way to start your climate day

One of the gems of this Resilience Hub website is the daily interview that comes with the catchy title of the COPpuccino. You’ll find it under the Film heading at the top of the Home page where it’s as stimulating as your first cup of coffee. It’s rich and rewarding and even better than the […]

OCEAN ACTION DAY – pledges and promises of new finance

Ocean Action Day at COP26 was marked by a broad set of commitments to provide substantial new funding to defend the quality of the oceans and protect the livelihoods of millions of people who depend on the marine environment. Opening a round table meeting attended by government ministers, business leaders and island representatives Lord Zac […]

NEWS – Mayors taking the heat out of the situation – plus the Jupiter Promise

Extreme heat is killing more people on our planet than any other climate driven hazard. It is the silent killer.  This was the message at the start of an important session in the Resilience Hub programme titled Mayors for Heat Action. Presented by the Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center, the event featured contributions from four city […]

NEWS – IRIS launched to help small island states

A huge support package for small island nations was announced at COP26 on November 2. Infrastructure for Resilient Island States, to be known as IRIS, was announced by a group of prime ministers with British PM Boris Johnson saying it was ‘harrowing’ to hear of the risk and damage being faced right now by island […]

The story of our sponsors – Google

Google is proud to sponsor the Resilience Hub at COP26.  We are committed to contributing to a resilient planet by unifying our technology, partnerships, and resources around a single mission — to foster sustainability at scale.  Nithya Sowriraian Director, Global Solutions, Google Earth and Earth Engine By organising information about our planet, and making it actionable […]

The story of our sponsors – Deloitte

Over the next decade, the relationship between business and the natural world will be a defining one. We believe every business needs to play its part in turning their climate change commitments into action, which is why we’re proud to support the Race to Resilience’s global ambition for climate adaptation and resilience. Hannah Routh, sustainability […]

COP Art – the Net Zero show

The Turkish artist Selva Ozelli has been inspired to create and curate art in response to the twin threats to humanity of Covid-19 and climate change. Her latest exhibition, Net Zero Art Show, is being exhibited throughout COP26 on four websites including YouTube. ‘The Covid pandemic has brought devastation to millions around the world, disrupting […]

Meet our partners – Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Markets, Risk & Resilience

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Markets, Risk & Resilience (MRR) at UC Davis develops and tests financial and market innovations that take the most promising agricultural tools for families in developing economies from the lab to the field. Why we’re supporting the Resilience Hub The Innovation Lab at UC Davis was established by […]